Saturday, July 19, 2008

Samy my little artist

Samy has heard me rant for a few weeks now that i want to design some Mommy Cards
what are mommy cards you may ask well its all the rage now and many photographers have started offering them
they are basicly a buisness cards for mommys have you ever been at a park on a playdate or a zoo only to scramble in your purse to find a pen and paper to give to your childs new best friend and you dont have one neither does the other mommy
alas mommy cards where born, they have mommys info on the back ;-)

So back to Samy she has seen me Brainstorm trying to design one but of course my head has been elsewear with my mom being sick
she has seen me hunt for some templates online (yes they sell readymade templates for Photographers just to slip in our own picture)
NOTHING then a few days back she goes look mommy i made some paintings for you so you can use in your mommy cards my heart just melted
so here is her own Samy card she selected the colors and all and the picture she wanted :

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Be sure this is not the last one of this kind to be made i will be sharing a few more soon


Monday, July 14, 2008


I know many of you have been praying with me for a while and i thank you all for the support

My mom passed away on the wake of sunday,she was in full time hospice care for a few days i know it was peacefull and she is with God now i can only feel incredibly blessed and luckey to have had her all this time....


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